Wednesday, January 17, 2007

181206-010107 north lao pdr

final route:

blue = planned route
green = detour via Pak Nam Noi, Udomxai & Pak Mong

special khop3 jai1 der4 to:
  • 'been there befores': luthien, kairin & orange's pierre, for tips & advice
  • contact persons aka. 'base camp support': supergarf, fuchsiahalcyon & orange
  • ang moh guy on Chiangmai-Chiangrai bus, for jaga-ing cat barang
  • Chiangrai bus station guy who helped the cat reach Chiang Khong before dark
  • Sichuan guy & Kunming guy on the Huay Xai-Luang Namtha bus
  • Saitama guy & Kyoto guy on Luang Namtha-Muang Sing songthaew
  • Sendai guy & Belgian guy on Muang Sing Guesthouse rooftop, & Wat Sing Jai monks & novices for our evening entertainment under the stars
  • Muang Sing bus station lady who helped the cat reach Udomxai before dark
  • lady on Luang Namtha-Udomxai bus, for endless offers of food
  • Udomxai Tourist Info office guy for directions
  • monks, novices & their friends at Phou That, Udomxai
  • mute girl from Phongsaly, for wonderful dinner 'conversation'
  • Udomxai-Phongsaly bus driver & wife
  • SKST of Phongsaly Provincial Tourism Office, for info on Phongsaly Akha
  • French-Thai couple in Phongsaly, for advice on notorious Pak Beng
  • Luang Prabang lady bank employee & guys from unnamed Nam Ou village on Hat Sa-Muang Khua boat
  • Nam Ou boatman who sold fuel to our drifting fuel-less boat
  • Nam Ou boatmen at Muang Khua, for frank advice on getting to Nong Khiaw
  • PSBM from Ban Buammo village, for help in Pak Mong
  • Boten grandpa on his way to Sam Neua, for help in Pak Mong
  • Pak Mong-Nong Khiaw songthaew driver & wife, & other Pak Mong locals
  • Church Chanthavong & staff of Sunset Guesthouse, Ban Sop Houn
  • monk & novice of Wat Sop Houn
  • Khamsouk of Nong Khiaw Tourist Info Centre
  • Belgian guy in Nong Khiaw & Luang Prabang
  • Mrs Vandara Amphayphone & her high school friend & Udon of Vanvisa Guesthouse, Luang Prabang
  • monks & novices of WHS & their NX village friend
  • 6.30PM slot English class of school near Souansavan Guesthouse, Luang Prabang
  • Souphanouvong University students, Houa Panh guy, & Phongsaly guy & monk at Lovanh College, Luang Prabang
  • Done & GK of Big Brother Mouse, Luang Prabang, the latter for your attempt (in vain) to teach me the 7 tones of Hmong language
  • ang moh Manivanh College teacher & monk & brother from Hong Sa, Sainyabuli
  • Paul from NZ on Luang Prabang-Pak Beng boat
  • Stefan, Steffen, Richard, Carl & others on Pak Beng-Huay Xai boat
  • many more wonderful Lao people for their kindness, Lao language lessons, laughter, generosity in sharing what little they have, & attempts to stuff the cat to death with food
  • the monumental one for loan of xD cards & Olympus Li-10B & Li-12B batteries
  • those who believed in the cat & didn't try to stop it from doing strange things & living life
never has the cat felt so overwhelmingly blessed on a trip before =)

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