Friday, April 06, 2007

191206 poppy, postcards & party - party

Muang Sing skyline:


Muang Sing guesthouse:


Next door:


Mix of old & new:


Windowless wooden structures like this are usually used for grain storage. At the top of each wooden 'stilt' support is a ring of metal sheet. Sometimes metal bomb casings are used instead of wooden stilts. The cat puzzled over it - a ring of metal wouldn't stop termites...until it was pointed out to the cat that rat (& cat) claws cannot grip onto smooth metal =P

Essential mushroom:


Like the edible types, this mushroom can be found in local markets. The difference is that this type is found only in the dry goods section, & usually sold with its stalk detached, & to use it you have to attach the stalk to the cap & wire it up.

more Muang Sing:


Location in a valley:


Can just imagine how lush the scenery would be during the wet season, when the skies are clear & fields are flooded & full of emerald green rice seedlings...

Merry laughter, shrieking, drumming & singing brought the cat up to the guesthouse rooftop to look around for the source - a party next door:


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