Sunday, November 04, 2007

251206 Sunset Guesthouse - 02

Note: the cat is NOT a real estate agent selling this place =P

At the back of the guesthouse section - containers carved from big fat bamboo stems?


Beneath a neighbour's house - space for parking motorbikes, sheltering livestock, weaving loom & what looks like conical fish traps?


Front verandah next to entrance:

PC250299 PC250298

Guests lounge here in the daytime while the boys who work in the guesthouse (more on them later) sleep here at night:


Front verandah viewed from outside:


Dining area:


Outdoor section of dining area overlooking the Nam Ou:


New ensuite bungalows overlooking the river - some already occupied, some still under construction (as of Christmas 2006) by Mr Sunset Guesthouse & the boys:


Battery disposal:

PC260388 PC260389

No idea if the 'books for batteries' collection scheme was still in effect, but better than discarding them into the river or other water sources.

Poster on a wall - the ugly side of tourism:


The cat has never travelled by European airlines to Southeast Asia but it was told that videos like this & this (Air France) are now screened inflight. The cat can only hope that the situation in Laos will never reach the proportions of that of Cambodia.


Anonymous said...

Wow, some upgrading for Mr Sunset. Did you get to see the NK Riverside 'Resort' to the left of the bridge?

It's looks like one of those places that my Minister of Home Affairs will approve staying at!


straycat said...

good to know that you still drop by!

came across NK Riverside's website while the bungalows were still under construction. saw the place from afar, like design & setting but food & lodging rates way beyond a straycat's budget ;)