Sunday, December 09, 2007

251206 file clips

Drying the famous 'towel that never dried' (for those who have read about the cat's 2005 Taman Negara trek) at Sunset Guesthouse in Nong Khiaw:


Held in place by file clips - one of the most useful things the cat always brings along on trips:


The cat has used them as/to/for...
  • clothes peg
  • money clip
  • clip up holes in mozzie nets & leaking tarpaulin sheets
  • hang mozzie nets (clip corner of net & hook metal loop part onto nail on wall)
  • seal open packets of food
  • hairclip (for ponytail, when really desperate)
  • holder for Gilson/eppendorf/Nichipet brand micropipettes for cell & molecular biology work
  • clip test tube racks of bacterial/yeast cultures to incubator shaker platforms
  • hang posters up for display
  • hold pieces of cloth together when sewing
Lao novice monks use them to clip the folded part of their ji-worn (จีวร outer robe) to keep it neat:


Four silver & purple ones:


Novice/monk friends insist that it is the hallmark of the inexperienced (particularly city kids who ordain for only a short while) who have yet to master the art of folding & wearing the jiworn expertly. Perfectionist 'look Ma no clips!' SV can fold & wear his in a blink of an eye with nary a crease out of place.

Aki uses a large one to clip her zipper-less Akha shoulder bag close.

& some Thai college girls use it to keep belts clipped to the waistband of their uniform skirts so that it doesn't ride up when they bend & move about.

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