Sunday, January 16, 2011

071209 Wat Had Siaw 2 - viharn exterior

An interruption to normal programming - a 'special feature' series of posts on Wat Had Siaw in Chomphet district of Luang Prabang. Please see part 1 of this series for background info on this place & the reason for this 'special feature'.

The humble little viharn of Wat Had Siaw:


Just as the cat arrived, novice monks were scurrying around to locate their stock of fuel for the boat & to get dressed in full robes - the abbot (& the novice monks accompanying him) had to climb down to the riverbank & cross the Mekong to attend some meeting/event. & so the cat had the entire place to itself - & no one to ask about the history of the temple...although the oldest monk present said something about a path to a 'Phou something' before he hurried off with the rest.

Is there any kind of art to be found in this temple?


The walls of the viharn had large cracks running across & all the way through, such that one could peep through them into the interior:


Anatomy of a temple pillar:


Front view of viharn:


How long more before it crumbles to bits? Such is impermanance.

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