Thursday, May 17, 2007

221206 Viphaphone Hotel, Phongsaly

With cat laundry on left half of rooftop:


Honghaem Wiphaphawn (Lao) aka. Fengshali Xianjin Binguan (Chinese) - lit. Phongsaly Golden Immortal/Fairy Hotel:


Room interior:


Comes with a tiny cake of soap, a pair of flip-flops for use as 'toilet slippers', a clothes tree & thick, heavy acrylic blankets - the type with huge peony flower patterns & bright red satin-ish trimming. In Singapore people stick paper cut-outs of Chinese words (glorifying the deceased) on this kind of 'condolence blankets' & hang them up like banners at Chinese 'void deck' funerals =P The cat has a few at home brought back from a grandparent's funeral.


The wardrobe & drawers were lined with pamphlets advertising Malaysia as a tourism destination - photos of white sandy beaches, in a land where the majority of the people have never seen the sea except on TV ;) Partially hidden by the TV set is one of the things that made this double room worth every bit of the 80,000kip (approx USD8) per night rate - a clean drinking water machine that dispenses both cold & boiling water, which enabled the cat to survive two freezing nights without heating with piping hot Horlicks malt drink. A pair of mugs & teaspoons are provided.

Tai Dam headscarf used as table runner for the coffee table:


Ubiquitous problem with loose sockets - electrical tape saves the day yet again:



Anonymous said...

Hi Kuching,

Trying to read most of your blog. You've got nice details and pics on Laos. I've cycled the Lao north a couple of times. A journal and pics here,



straycat said...

for once i am glad to 'bump into' someone from the same little red dot ;) thanks for stopping by.

- lao kuching