Thursday, June 14, 2007

221206 Yu Houa dinner & shooting stars

Rooftop sunset with Viphaphone's water tank & cat's towel:


Dinner at Yu Houa with a friendly local cat & dog, in front of a TV tuned in to what else but the usual 中国中央电视台 China Central Television channel. The cat loves Phongsaly - cats are allowed indoors & fed, while dogs are kept outdoors in the cold & sometimes eaten. Fellow customers handed the cat the menu - lady boss was busy with her fussing baby, & the cat had to wander into the kitchen to look for food as all house cats do.

The customer base remained overwhelmingly (100.0%) ethnic Chinese, until Mr French & Mrs Thai walked in. Not easy for them to identify the staff, & they were a little puzzled when the cat handed them the menu which was sitting on its table =P What they didn't know was that the Chinese customers themselves had the same difficulty distinguishing staff from fellow diners at first sight, especially when some regulars walked into the kitchen to carry their food out themselves.

Up to the Viphaphone rooftop again by torchlight to collect cat laundry. Despite the strong winds & biting chill, the cat ended up spending a long time sitting there losing count of the shooting stars racing across the inky nightsky & gazing at the milky way for the second time in all its nine lives. Living in a city one degree north of the equator, bright lights 24/7 & heavy cloud cover all year round means that the cat hardly ever gets the chance to see such things. After Muang Sing Guesthouse & this place, rooftop access will be a new guesthouse selection criteria for the cat!

end of day 6 (221206):
noodle soup/pho/feu/khaaw soi eaten to date = 05 bowls

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