Sunday, June 17, 2007

231206 Hat Sa - 02

Beneath the sky is Phongsaly town & the sky mountain Phou Fa, & beneath Phongsaly town & Phou Fa is the world of clouds, & beneath the world of clouds is Hat Sa village & the Nam Ou river...


Wonder if the whitish patches are something like 'saa seua' (not sure if this is a Lahu or Thai name), a scrub-like plant with white flowers that grows in clearings in Chiangrai? Cleared plot (bottom left) & planted teak (upper half):


Many such stands of young teak trees were seen along the Nam Ou, the section of the Mekong between Luang Prabang & Pak Beng, & the roads leading from Muang Khua to Pak Nam Noi (Ban Sinxai) & from Nong Khiaw to Nam Bak. The cat was told that farmers plant them as an investment to be cashed in 30++ years later when they will be too old to work on the land, & when the youngest of their kids will need money to get married, etc.

Mentally 'photoshop-ping out' those parts, the Nam Ou is a beautiful river nevertheless ;)


A protected area named after a mountain that isn't in Lao?


On the map, Phou Daen Din mountain is located in the adjoining Lai Cau province of Vietnam...but then again this is part of a trans-national protected area, like certain national parks in Africa. Flora & fauna live by biogeographical boundaries, not political ones.


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