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Sayabouly province - transport information

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Hongsa songthaew station
In front of the market. Photo & info - 22 & 23 December 2009:

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Second photo is the only instance of 'double pricing' for songthaew/truck transport ever encountered in Laos so far, not sure if actually implemented. From top to bottom - destination / fare in Lao / fare in English:

ທ່າຊ່ວາງ Tha Souang / 20,000kip / 30,000kip
ປາກທາງນ້ຳຕັບ Pak Thang Nam Tap / 10,000kip / 15,000kip
ກີ່ວສາລາ Kiew Sa La / 13,000kip / 20,000kip
ນ້ຳຍາງ Nam Nyang / 13,000kip / 20,000kip
ເມືອງເງີນ Muang Ngeun / 25,000kip / 35,000kip
ໄຊຍະບູລີ Sayabouly / 80,000kip / 100,000kip
ພູແລ້ງ Phou Laeng / not clear / 45,000kip
ນາມອນ Na Mone / 70,000kip / 80,000kip
Nam Thiau? / not clear / 70,000kip
ລອງໂກນ Long Kon / 70,000kip / not clear

  • To Tha Souang - 0830
  • To Muang Ngeun (25,000kip) - 0900 (HiLux)


Muang Ngeun songthaew station
Next to the market in Ban Nam Ngeun. Photo & info - 23 & 24 December 2009:


  • Saturdays = border market at Huay Kon (Thai side).
  • Songthaews & trucks (HiLux) start to arrive here between 0800-0900+ on non-Saturdays.
  • No timetable displayed, only a roster for drivers - not sure if transport leaves only on demand?
  • Destinations in drivers' roster - ຫົງສາ Hongsa, ຊຽງຮອ່ນ Xienghone, ປາກແຄນ Pak (Kh?)aen (not sure if copied the 'ຄ' alphabet wrongly), ໄຊຍະບູລີ Sayabouly, ດ່ານນ້ຳເງີນ Dan Nam Ngeun.

October 2010 update:
Muang Ngeun-Oudomxay bus - 55,000kip (no info on departure time & whether this bus operates daily)

ເມືອງເງີນ Muang Ngeun to ห้วยโก๋น Huay Kon border crossing
Info from 24 December 2009 (Thursday - non-'market day').
  • Muang Ngeun songthaew station to ດ່ານນ້ຳເງີນ Dan Nam Ngeun (Lao border checkpoint): 5000kip (shared songthaew) or 10,000kip (charter), ~4km.
  • Lao border checkpoint to Thai border checkpoint at Huay Kon: ~1km walk, mostly uphill.
  • Processing at both Lao & Thai checkpoints may be slow, everything has to be handwritten in logbooks i.e. one person at a time.
  • Huay Kon to ทุ่งช้าง Thung Chang: one daily songthaew departs ~1000+++ (can arrive & depart late on slow days), B100, 1h journey; more trips if there is demand (usually Saturdays, when Huay Kon border market is open).
  • Thung Chang: hourly daytime bus to เชียงกลาง Chiang Klang, ปัว Pua (B29), ท่าวังผา Tha Wang Pha & เมืองน่าน Nan city (B85); also daily buses to Bangkok (Transport Co. & Sombat Tour) & Chiangmai (Green Bus Thailand Co.).
September 2011 update:
Dan Nam Ngeun (Lao border checkpoint) customs office contact no.: +856-74-213074 (source)


Pak Lai bus station (1km south of town)
* March 2007 info
To Vientiane - 9:00AM 70,000kip
To Sayabouly - 7:30AM, 8:30AM, 10:30AM 45,000kip
To Kaen Thao - 10:00AM, 12:00PM, 2:00PM 25,000kip

Pak Lai boat landing
* March 2007 info
To Vientiane - slowboat on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat, & speedboat (on demand)


Sayabouly northern bus station (photo, 8 September 2009) (Ian Taylor)

Located a few KMs north of town. Timetable - 20 December 2009, info - 20 & 21 December 2009:

Click here for full size image.

  • Timing of first PM bus to Vientiane varies, on 21 December 2009 it was 1500.
  • Trucks (HiLux) may depart earlier than scheduled if full.
  • To Hongsa (80,000kip) - 2.5h journey (HiLux).
  • To Luang Prabang (50,000kip) - 3.5h journey, passport/ID check at Tha Deua.

Old info for reference:
Timetable (8 September 2009) (Ian Taylor)
To Luang Prabang - 9:00AM (ordinary bus), 2:00PM (songthaew)
To Hongsa & Muang Ngeun - 11:00AM (Toyota Hilux D4D Tiger)
To Muang Xienghone - 1:00PM (Toyota Hilux D4D Tiger)
To Vientiane - 10:00AM, 1:30PM (ordinary bus), 4:00PM (AC bus)

Sayabouly southern bus station
* March 2007 info
To Pak Lay - 7:30AM, 10:00AM, 12:00PM 45,000kip

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ເມືອງເງີນ Muang Ngeun to ห้วยโก๋น Huay Kon border crossing
Info from 24 December 2009 (Thursday - non-'market day').

Is this border open only to Asean members, or also for Farang? (Dutch passport, NZ passport. I understand a new road is planned, which would be great, if we can cross there...