Wednesday, September 07, 2011

280707 That Luang - 03

Google map satellite view of Pha That Luang - Laos is where lines are not always perfectly straight, pillars & stupas not always perfectly vertical, doorways & arches not always perfectly symmetrical, & squares not always perfectly square:

that luang google

Main/front door at left (west) faces the back of King Setthathilath's statue, shadow of stupa points towards Wat That Luang Neua, & the red roof at the bottom (south) is that of Wat That Luang Tai. Four corridors form a boundary around That Luang, separated from the base of the stupa by a much-trampled grass verge.

Main altar greets people as they enter by the front door:


The beginning of the rains retreat (พรรษา phansa) - hence the big fat yellow candles, which will be kept burning for the entire 3-month duration:

Photo by K-san

Front door at left, with the main altar at right & Wat That Luang Neua peeping over the north corridor in the background:


With the red-roofed Wat That Luang Tai in the background:

Photo by K-san
North perimeter wall on left:

Photo by K-san

Perimeter corridor filled with paintings for sale:


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